Super Moon Fever Hits Little Silver Charm Mini Horse

Some of you may remember the little silk mini horse I created a couple of years ago to honor the real Little Silver Charm, an adorable chocolate brown mini with silver mane and tail who is the official spokeshorse of Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement in Kentucky that I support with my hats.

Well this past week, my Little Silver Charm mini gave me quite the scare.

It was the day of Super Blue Blood moon’s arrival, and we were all anticipating the full moon rising that evening.

What I didn’t know was that my mini had Super Moon Fever, and he had it BAD.

He just couldn’t relax, as he ran to one window and then another, whinnying and stomping his hooves.

I pleaded with him to calm down but no matter how he tried, he just couldn’t make himself stop!

Even Marmee tried her best to settle him down.

She played her most soothing Marmee Meditation tapes, but alas, to no avail.

Anyway, I must have gotten distracted for a moment because all of a sudden, I heard a CRASH!

I ran to the front door — my Little Silver Charm had escaped!!!

He was running from one end of the deck to the other, looking out, whinnying louder and louder.

Before I could grab a hold of his halter he had clambered down the steps and out into the snow.


Grabbing my coat, I ran after him as quick as I could.

I could see him just up ahead of me, sniffing the ground as he went.  It looked like maybe he was following some animal tracks in the snow.

The tracks led on, and he followed them, whinnying all the while.

At one point I lost sight of him.

“Where could he be?”

Just then I came upon a little chickadee. I  asked him if a silk mini horse had come this way.

“Yes!  He was here!” he replied.

“And he tried to steal my berries, so I shooed him away!

A little further on, and there he was! Just beyond the Old Cedar Tree. I know he saw me, too,  yet all he did was whinny, kick up he heels and gallop off again.

When I got to the Old Cedar Tree he was nowhere to be found.

Everything was so still. The only thing I could hear was the sound of the trees groaning with the cold.

I felt like I had lost him for sure.

Discouraged, I trudged back up the steps to our deck. Looking out over the marsh I kept hoping that my mini would return home before nightfall.

After all, this little guy had to help me celebrate the moon, we needed him to help welcome Super Moon!

And just as I turned to go inside I spotted him.

Buried in the drifted snow, trying to blend in with the other animals on the deck.

“There you are, you little rascal, you had quite a time of it, didn’t you?”, as I picked him up and held him tight.

“Do you know you had me scared to death?”

I think maybe the cold icy snow had chilled him out a bit, for he seemed a bit calmer; staring up at me with those big brown button eyes of his.

Well, how could anyone stay mad at this little cherub for more than a moment?

I was just so relieved my Little Silver Charm was home, and he was safe.

I vowed right then and there that the next time we have a Super Moon, I’ll make sure my little mini has a good, looooong run.

On a good strong lead rope.

With me at the end of it, this time!   😉