Humble and Kind Will Always Get My Vote

So there’s this Massachusetts girl named Lori McKenna.

She’s a songer/songwriter, and someone I’ve been following her whole career.

Lori’s up for 4 Grammys tonight for her latest album, The Bird and the Rifle as well her song, “Humble and Kind”, that gave Tim McGraw a #1 hit.

I can’t think of a single time in our country when we could use a whole lot more humility and kindness.

Here’s Lori’s rendition of the amazing song that made me cry when she sang it.

For all the right reasons.


Simple Kindness

A simple gift of kindness.


‘Seems almost like an old-fashioned concept these days, doesn’t it?

marmee-andi-2016christmas-3-blogStill, for me, it’s at the heart of all things that truly matter.

And not just at Christmas time.

marmee-andi-2016christmas-2-blogThis was the perfect gift this Christmas from Andi, my Sweet sister from St. Louis.

But she could have sent it to me anytime of the year and it would have felt just as special.

Because she know what matters to me, what is in my heart.

Marmee62Thank you, Andi, Merry Christmas, today and every day. ❤