The Sparrow with the Arrow

I’ve been wondering lately, what IS it about me and the birds?

Every chance I get, I am out with them.

Following these amazing fellow creatures of wings and bills with so much beauty, so much heart.

Yet lately I’ve been questioning all the TIME I am putting into it – not to mention the memory cards.  😉

Then this morning, I came upon a tiny Song Sparrow in the road.

I was actually on the other side of him at first, with the arrow pointing towards me.

I walked past the sparrow, and he didn’t move.

He was just standing there. Looking at me, beside the arrow.

Except now the arrow was pointing the other way, and he was in front of it.

It was almost as if this little bird was trying to tell me something.

Follow me, follow me, come this way, THIS way.

And it was clear he wasn’t going to take “No” for an answer.   😉

So crazy or not, at least for now, it looks like I’ll be following the birds.

Photographing this little guy, and so many others.

For moments like these. ❤

It’s a Beauty-ful Start

Well, I finally got started on my container garden this weekend for the deck.

There will be a theme to the garden…

Both in color and inspiration.

It’ll be a lot of work, but don’t worry.

I have friends to help.

I just want to do my part. To share as much BEAUTY as possible in our world.  ❤





A Message from the Brants

Just when I thought the world that I’d seen before me on my winter walk could not have gotten any greyer…

Or colder…

Or bleaker.

I returned to the car and saw a bright glow down along the shore.

So I went to look.

forestbeach65-blogAnd my, oh my!

The color and the light, the sky and the water were on fire with oranges and pinks and blues. What a welcome surprise to my hungry heart that had seen only gray skies, for days upon days!

And there, moving out upon the water I saw a pair of brants.

Murmuring softly to one another.

forestbeach66-blogI looked to the horizon, and marveled at how my world had changed just by coming down to the shore.

forestbeach67-blogAnd as I watched the pair out there upon the water, a peace fell over me when I finally heard what they were saying…

forestbeach68-blog“All is well, all is well…”

forestbeach69-blog“All is truly well.”

forestbeach70-blog‘Night everyone.  🙂











Super Moon Calls Us to Shine On

“Those are the same stars, and that is the same moon, that look down upon your brothers and sisters, and which they see as they look up to them, though they are ever so far away from us, and each other.”   – Sojourner Truth

I still can’t believe we got to see the rising of Super Moon last night.

The forecast was calling for heavy cloud cover and just one town over the clouds had already moved in.

But here at Forest Beach in South Chatham the moon pushed aside the gathering clouds and rose up over the rooftops. Gifting us with a moon rise for the ages!

moon-super-nov2016-9b-blogNow some love to see the moon rising over the sea.

I personally love the intimacy of a full moon rising over the marsh. With tall marsh grass and cedar trees framing its ascent.

moon-super-nov2016-13-blogmoon-super-nov2016-11-blogAnd last night, standing there at the marsh’s edge, I held my breath as I watched this great golden orb shake loose the horizon and all things earthly, lifting free into the welcoming night sky.

Oh, to know such freedom!

moon-super-nov2016-14-blogYet almost as soon as it had broken free, our Super Moon met with the clouds that floated above it.

And their meeting became the next act in some grand celestial drama…

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The moon continued to rise, swept up into darkening clouds…

moon-super-nov2016-23-blogThat finally covered it from view.

moon-super-nov2016-25-blogAs we headed to the car we could see the clouds moving over the face of the moon…

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But lingering for just one moment more I saw the clouds part, ever so briefly, to give us one last look at the glory of Super Moon’s before it disappeared altogether.

moon-super-nov2016-30-blogThank you for visiting and inspiring us, Super Moon. ‘Til we meet again.


“Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.” John Lennon