Party Time at the Mill

Mill Landing this weekend seemed like it was going to be all about the great egrets.

Each time I visited it seemed like any which way I turned, to the pond or to the flats, there they were.

Fishing in the shallows…

At long last, having the ‘hood all to themselves for a change.

That is, until the snowies showed up…

To join in on the fun.

‘Seems they’d heard there was a party going on, and they wanted IN!

And it looked like someone had blabbed to the black crowned night herons, as well, for they showed up and said the Snowies had been spreading the word.


And then the OSPREYS began to appear too, their cries filling the skies as they dipped and glided their way into the mix.

Ah well….. I guess everyone knows you never can trust a Snowy to keep a secret, after all…  😉

When all was said and done, I’m not sure who had the best time.

But I do know that if it’s the weekend, you can be sure there’s always a party goin’ on down at the Mill!  😉









Sunday – Best of 6

Hi everybody, it’s time again for Sunday Best!

We had a lot of worthy candidates this week, and here they all are…

Contestant #1, the Seagull, standing tall, ever proud. (Hoping that the wedding party on the beach will be feeling generous with their shrimps and dips!)


Contestant #2, Little Foal.  Meeting his shadow for the very first time…


Contestant #3,  a juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron, fishing along the muddy banks at Mill Landing. A rare treat in these parts!


Contestant #4,  it’s Prayer Rabbit’s baby sister, Sam. It sure looks like she’s got something BIG to tell us!


Contestant #5 is a pair entry. Meet Ribbit and Peeps, getting into position and ready to Do-Si-Do for you!


And finally, Contestant #6, the statuesque Great Blue Heron. Ahhh, such a gentleman. And a sight for sore eyes all summer long after the harsh winter that took so many.


And there you have it. Please cast your vote for your favorite, and as always – I love your comments too!  🙂

‘Til next time, thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod!


Marsh Magic

Who would ever have thought

That bringing a camera with me to the marsh,

A place I may have visited a thousand times as a child,

Would offer this new kind of portal, like a window slowly cranking open…


Allowing me to look out and see the beauty, the intimacy of a moment.

Able to feel up close, connected to it.

Even something as simple as a heron fishing for breakfast,

Fishing with a focus and a purpose that I can only describe as awe-inspiring,

And I am there, beside him, poised and waiting for that fish.


This is what the camera gives me.

A daily dose of magic.

Everyday magic.

And I come away each and every time feeling…



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Summer’s Best

Our “Sunday Best” posts have been a lot of fun this summer.

As a way to mark the season’s end, I’ve pulled together a very special rewind of some of our most popular contestants for one final “Best of Summer” vote!

Are you ready??

Contestant #1, Prayer Rabbit Makes Plea for Cooler Days.


Contestant #2, Mute Swan Glides on Blue Glass.


Contestant #3, Charming Squirrel Stuffed with Mushroom.


Contestant #4, Tiny Goldfinch Adorns Treetop.


Contestant #5, Great Egret in Black Silk Stockings.


Contestant #6, Spotted Seal Mugs Camera at Fish Pier.


Contestant #7, Foxy Red Young’un Trots up Osprey Hill.


Contestant #8, Solitary Gull, Lonely No More.


Contestant #9, Great Blue Heron Stands Like Statue.


Contestant #10, Tiger Tabby Tires of Tourists.


Contestant #11, House Sparrow Taps Dance on Blue Bug Box.


Contestant #12, Fledgling Cardinal Fits the Bill.


Contestant #13, Elegant Eider Paddles to Shore.


Contestant #14, Song Sparrow Sings a la Pavarotti.


Contestant #15, Rusty the Green Heron Fishes on Mud Bank.



Contestant #16, Fledgling Osprey Tries Her Wings.

Again, and again, and again.


And last but never least, Contestant #17, Speedy Sanderling on Sandy Shore.


As we bid summer a fond farewell, I can’t wait to see who we meet next.

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Sunday Best, Take 6

Good morning and welcome to Sunday Best here at Images of Cape Cod!

I have 6 worthy contestants for you today and I am excited to present them to you, one by one.

Contestant #1, the Great Egret, seen earlier this week soaring out beyond the channel at Mill Landing as if pulled by the sea.


Contestant #2, this Green Heron, standing up on tippy toes as tall and bright-eyed as any I’ve ever seen!


Contestant #3, the Kingfisher surveying his domain from on high, scolding me as always because I stayed too long to admire…  😉


Contestant #4, the tiny Song Sparrow, ever present in the marsh when I arrive and when I leave, whose tiny frame belies his glorious Pavarotti tones.


Contestant #5, this slate gray Bullfrog seen right outside my door this week, clearly enjoying his Saturday off.


And finally Contestant #6, the noble Seagull with his keen eagle eye, scoping the calm waters for any signs of dinner!


There you have them, your lineup for today.

Pick your favorite and let me know it in the Reply/Comment box.

Happy Sunday!


Sea Changes

It’s one of our last real summertime weekends here on the Cape.

A last hurrah for many of our vacationers, they are out and about soaking up the sun and the fun before they fold up their tents and head for home.


This is such a delicious time for me. It still feels like summer, yet with the promise of cooler temps.

And very, very soon, solitude will be something that is very easy to find as well…


It’s time for something new.

The unfolding has begun…


Have a great weekend everybody!

And thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod!