Red Fox at Sunset – Day 68

I love our Red Foxes, especially at the sunset hour when their fur GLOWS.

The other evening I was busy photographing Black Ducks at Wychmere harbor, and this Beauty showed up on a nearby dock!

He seemed to notice my presence.

But more than anything, he was annoyed at all the crows screaming at him overhead.

He tried to focus, sniffing for tracks.

And then gave up…

And trotted away.

I was so glad to see how healthy he looked.

We need our healthy predators to keep the balance.

I hate to tell you this, but the following night…

I spotted him with a duck he’d just snatched along the shore.

Foxes, will be foxes. And tho’ it’s hard to think of the poor duck or goose or rabbit, I wouldn’t have it any other way…  😉