Ms. Mars Sighted on Cape Cod During Solar Eclipse!!

I heard that four planets would be visible during today's solar eclipse - Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Well, we may not have had the solar eclipse visit us here in the Northeast today, but I do have my very own Ms. Mars sunflower to share!!  😉 A gift from my Mom this summer, for... Continue Reading →


The Changing of the Gard-en

I love the flowers that I see this time of year in the gardens that I pass on my walks. The delicate anemones, their soft pink petals with deep yellow centers, wave gently in the sea breezes. The black-eyed Susans, forever undaunted by the summer heat, never looked more vibrant. That's more than I can... Continue Reading →

The Search

With all of "the ugly" in our world today, I'll never, ever tire of the search... For BEAUTY. May you find some, today.  ❤ Save Save

The Beach Roses of Cape Cod

The rosa rugosas, our beach roses here on the Cape... Are in full bloom now in the dunes along the beaches. Brilliant in hot pink and white, they accent the landscape like trims on a dazzling Derby chapeau! From afar or up close, they are a sight to behold... Thank you for visiting me here... Continue Reading →


I was in the studio all morning, editing a slew of photos for our "Hats Off to the Horses of Old Friends" fundraiser that kicks off November 1st. Every time I looked out the window, all Marmee and I could see was an uninviting, uninspiring landscape - gray, grim and damp. So after lunch I... Continue Reading →

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