Feather Story – Day 72

And now for something truly different.

When I was at the Pier in Chatham, I noticed something floating on top of the blue, blue water where I was photographing the loveliest female Red-breasted Merganser who was diving for her dinner.

Upon closer look, I saw that it was a feather!

A single white feather…

Floating in and out of the shadows, rolling along with the waves.

And who did it once belong to??

Perhaps the diving merganser?

Perhaps an Eider.

Yet all I could think was, there’s a story here

Touched by a Feather – Day 23

I so remember one fine fall day, when a very special feather fell into my life.

It had been a tough day, a day of real struggles.

Just as I was heading out the door to get some time with the birds, I spied it.

Nestled into this planter on my deck, a glorious Red-tailed Hawk feather!

And it’s been there ever since; a bit faded and weathered now since the day it came.

Yet it always seems that I notice it again, just when I really need it.

Like yesterday.

And just like the day I first discovered it, I found myself whispering…

Thank you, Red-tailed Hawk, for this feather, your feather.

All is well, all is well, all is truly well.

Feather Touch – Day 16

Feather discoveries always seem to portend good things to come.

So I should have known when I arrived at the harbor this morning and saw THIS on the edge of the concrete wall at the start…

That I was in for something pretty special.

More to come tomorrow, ‘night all.  ❤