Late Bloomers

I love the end of summer.

It always seems as if there are a handful of rosa rugosas that have enough “oomph!” at the end of the season to put out juuuust a few more blossoms.

And because they are so few and far between, I think I enjoy them more now than I do all summer long.

On the Eve of Spring, Cape Cod Style

I know the calendar tells me it’s Spring.

But here on the Cape, it just takes a bit longer for it to arrive.

You can hear the birds telling us the seasons are a-changing, yet we are still awaiting the ospreys in the marsh at Forest Beach.

(Soon THIS occupant, will be looking elsewhere for his perch!)

And you can see the color just beginning to come in.

If you look really close, that is.

Yet my heart is dancing… and why?

I guess I love the quiet, the peace of our winters here on the Cape so much that I find myself soaking up every minute before the “busyness” of summer lands once again on our sandy shores.

And now that all of the hunting seasons are past, I am back in the neighborhood with my camera, so………

Be looking for more images of this amazing space I call home.

Winter, spring, fall, and yes, summer too!  😉


And Happy Spring!

Summer’s Reluctant Letting-Go

It’s amazing how the rosa rugosas just keep on blooming as summer drifts slowly into fall.

To the delight of this little bee, coming in for a landing this morning down at Taylor Pond!

Lucky Bee!

And lucky ME!  😉




Summer Meets Fall on the Cape

The marsh was pretty flooded last night, making these kayakers very happy indeed with all of the new waterways to explore.

This is my favorite time here on the Cape, when summer meets fall.

Yet with the return of  the quiet in the marshes and along the shore following the close of the summer season…

The bird life is surely at its utmost dramatic best with all of the arrivals and departures of so many different species.

I do believe wait for it all summer….

What’s not to love?!  😉

Happy Me!!   🙂