Summer Winding Down

You can see, smell and almost taste a Cape Cod summer as it winds down.

A humid haze lays thick over everything. And everyone.

ForestBeachLoop904-BlogThe rosehips are at their very best, all orangey-red and ready for picking for those with a fondness for jam.

ForestBeachLoop900-BlogEven the slowest among the osprey “juvies” have mastered the fishing skills they’ll need for the long flights south.

ForestBeachLoop906-BlogJabbering flocks of young sparrows seem to line every telephone pole, delighting us with their melodic runs and winged gymnastics.

ForestBeachLoop909-BlogFragile pink mallows wave in the soft sea breeze, framed by cat o’ nine tails standing tall and watching over them.

ForestBeachLoop-905-BlogThe great blue herons are back, those who left when summer crowds descended, their statuesque frames unmistakable as they peer into quiet pools at dusk.

ForestBeachLoop907-BlogThick bushes of pokeweed, sadly toxic for us, will ripen soon to the delight of every tiny bird along the marsh as they will do their part to scatter the seeds far and wide.

ForestBeachLoop908-BlogFor some, the end of summer is a sad time. Vacations come to a close, it’s time to return to jobs, schools and familiar routines.

For me it’s a time of jubilation as my heart beats a little faster in anticipation of all the sights and sounds of my favorite season awakening…

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The Return of Cape Cod Dorothy

I love what I do for a living. Creating couture millinery for ladies attending the Kentucky Oaks and the Derby, weddings, teas and garden parties gives me more pleasure than I can even begin to describe.

Here are just a few of the amazing hats that we have created so far this season!

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And it happens every year.

Once the hectic time of Derby season has come and gone, I feel like Dorothy.

Slowly I open the door, and I step back out into this world here on Cape Cod that has just begun to awaken to SPRING.

The tulips are back…


The “Finchie Hattons” can be seen at their treetop perches, singing to beat the band!


Some of the most delicate flowers imaginable have popped up, telling us that they, too, have survived the winter and are ready to celebrate!


The trees are filled once again with the most gorgeous birds, their calls filling the air with an excitement that matches my own.


It’s all beginning again, this wondrous time on the Cape that never ceases to amaze and delight me. Especially now that I am BACK – in the Land of OZ!

It will continue to be a busy hat season but the crunchy-crunch time of Derby has passed and I have rejoined the ranks of nature lovers here on the Cape who simply can’t get enough right now of the sounds and colors and images that surround us.

So get ready for lots more, and this may be a little late but – Happy Spring everybody!  🙂


Cape Cod Welcomes Winter Solstice

The weather here yesterday on the Cape was pretty crummy, so I’ve decided to share some of the beauty that I found earlier in the week in the lead up to Winter Solstice!

All week long at Red River Beach the gulls were busy preparing a mighty feast for the arrival of the new season…


Fluffing their feathers to look their absolute best as the shortest day of the year drew closer and closer.


Meanwhile, over at Forest Beach, the brants were displaying their own pirouettes and pliés upon the rolling waves…



While the geese in the marsh preferred to herald in the holiday in their customarily quiet celebratory tones.


Mill Landing was peaceful and still, as if the world was holding its breath in anticipation.


A flock of buffles allowed me a rare sneak preview of the dance that they were rehearsing for the grand season opener (amidst more than a little bit of splashing and quackering!)…


As a tiny flock of geese perfected their Zen-like meditations quietly in the reflective shallows of the channel pools.


And even though the weather grew dark and damp as the big day approached, I’ve held onto the beauty of these moments in the marsh and along the shore…


As everyone, from every corner, awaited the moment when they could finally announce together with one glorious voice…


Welcome, Winter Solstice, one and all!


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Mill Landing Silhouettes

I keep getting surprised by how dark it is by the time I get to Mill Landing these days…


Yet I still find friends there who, like me, are enjoying the dimming light.


The day’s work is done, and we’ve no more fish to catch.


Nothing much a body can do…


Except  enjoy a good scratch…


Put your feet up…


And revel in the magic of evening silhouettes.



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‘Til next time, enjoy your view.

Wherever it may be…  😉


That Kitty in the Window

Guess who I found looking out the window this morning, captivated by the last of the beautiful autumn leaves?



Give up??



Hoping that you are somewhere enjoying the splendors of autumn, too!