Growing Up, Least Tern

One of THE most fascinating things about watching birds during the breeding season… is to see the coloring and feathering of the chicks as they become more and more like their parents.

Like with our new crop of Least Tern chicks…

Watching the feathers slowly morph from “baby” to “adult” has been fascinating, an artist’s dream in color and texture.

And there’s a palpable electricity in the air, as the adults and chicks soar through the air together…

With lessons being learned about just how you dip and dive for your own dinner now!  😉

Sometimes I think even the chicks themselves sense that something new and momentous is happening in their lives, too.

Myohmy, these tern chicklets sure are growing up FAST!!

Silly Little Rabbit in the Road!

There’ve been several new batches of bunnies in the Red River ‘hood, and this morning I probably shoo’ed twenty of them off the road.

Sometimes I think I spend more of my walks chasing rabbits than I do walking!

Then I came upon this little guy.

Who insisted he wasn’t on the road.

Now I suppose technically, he was kinda’ half on, and half off.

Still, I insisted that he move, telling him what an awful shame it would be if he lost his precious cottontail over a silly technicality.

At last gave in, and scampered into a nearby thicket.

And I moved on.

On to the next silly little rabbit in the road.

Low Tide Crabbing

The other morning when I arrived at Cockle Cove…

I could tell there wasn’t going to be much swimming happening with the tide so low.

But that sure didn’t stop these gulls from their longstanding fight over crabs.

In fact the shallow water made it even easier to keep a hold of the wriggling crabs.

I guess gulls WILL be gulls.  😉

Willet Yoga

A friend told me recently about the new yoga instructor they had hired at Red River creek, that he was giving lessons out by the old bridge.

So I decided to check it out.

When I first arrived at the bridge, I couldn’t find him anywhere.

And then, I spotted him!

Perched on what was left of the railing.

He looked straight at me, told me he’d seen me around the creek with my camera.

He told me I looked a little stressed the other day when he’d seen me photographing.

And he wondered if I’d like to try a pose that might help.

I told him, Sure, I was game, but only if he had the time.

And then I watched as he slowly lifted his right leg of the rail, stretching it back and back as he pointed hit toes…

And then, breathing more deeply, he lifted it even higher.

And a little higher, holding it there for the longest time!

I could feel the tightness in my neck releasing, even as I watched him.

When he was finished, he lifted up his wings for a mighty good stretch, head to tail feathers,  gave me a little wink.

And then —

He was gone!

Yet even our brief encounter had done me wonders.

One could only imagine what a few more sessions with such a Master could do…   ❤