Willet Yoga

A friend told me recently about the new yoga instructor they had hired at Red River creek, that he was giving lessons out by the old bridge. So I decided to check it out. When I first arrived at the bridge, I couldn't find him anywhere. And then, I spotted him! Perched on what was... Continue Reading →


Cape Cod Rosa Rugosas Are Here!

At long last... They're HERE! Our glorious rosas... Rosa rugosas, that is... Have arrived!!!  😉

Ospreys at Forest Beach Marsh – Closeups

I love photographing ospreys at all distances... But my favorite fun is trying to get closeups of these amazing birds in flight... When you can literally see the light glowing through their wings. Not easy, but I do love a challenge. I loved this one, where everything is out of focus except... The EYES. These... Continue Reading →

Autumn Wind in Their Wings

Mill Landing is one of my favorite destination spots when I'm out on one of my walkabouts with the camera. I love nothing more than coming down the hill late on a fall afternoon, and looking back at Taylor Pond all decked out in golden yellow and russet orange. I never know who I might... Continue Reading →

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