Full Wolf Moon Comin’

Full Wolf Moon, thru' the trees... A-comin'.


Christmas Eve Breakfast – with the Brants

It was a Merry Christmas indeed! One of the best moments was a sunrise walk I took on Christmas Eve morning, down at my home beach, Red River. The sun was just beginning to break through the low-lying clouds on the horizon as I reached the parking lot. When it got too bright for my... Continue Reading →

Autumn Wind in Their Wings

Mill Landing is one of my favorite destination spots when I'm out on one of my walkabouts with the camera. I love nothing more than coming down the hill late on a fall afternoon, and looking back at Taylor Pond all decked out in golden yellow and russet orange. I never know who I might... Continue Reading →

Memories of Harvest Beauty

As the experience of seeing my first cranberry harvest becomes more distant in the rear view mirror with each passing day... Images of the incredible beauty that I saw at Jenkins' Bog just become all the more vivid in my mind. To celebrate the experience, I am sharing with you some of my very favorite... Continue Reading →

A Thanksgiving Feast

Once upon a time there was a native Cape Cod girl who'd never been to a cranberry harvest. Until she picked up a camera. I am that Cape Cod girl, and I have to tell you... It was a feast for the eyes! As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought it might be fun for the... Continue Reading →

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