The Serenity of Swans – Day 95

This morning on my way to photograph an  osprye nest replacement platform that Eversource utility built for the ospreys (long story)…

I saw a flash of white, by the bridge at Herring River.

I simply had… to stop.

Perhaps I was in need of some beauty…

Or perhaps, a little peace.

In any case, I am so very glad I took the time, to look upon this stunning creature.

How we do need to see “the Beauty”, in a world filled with far too much of “the ugly’.

It’s a new day, tomorrow, and a new chance to look for that Beauty, again.

‘Night all. ❤


Horned Grebes, The Sea’s Red-Eyed Beauties – Day 62

My visit to PTown about a week ago reaped amazing gifts from the sea.

Among them were several Horned Grebes I met as I walked the docks at MacMillan Wharf.

Some were busy diving for fish…

Others mingling, maybe comparing notes about whose last catch was bigger??

Still others seemed absorbed in a major preening fest, oblivious to the world around them as they bobbed along.

And THIS one even had more than just a few things to say to me as I passed by her by.

How she made me giggle!  😉

I was struck by how soft and fluffy their feathers looked, even from a distance; water beads covering their backs after each deep dive.

But it’s their eyes that got to me most.

Bright red jewel beads against a canvas of gray and white feathers, a stunning contrast against the blue, blue sea!

Mill Landing, March 1, 2019 – Day 61 (A)

It’s been a while since I’ve photographed from Mill Landing in Chatham.

Here’s what it looked like last evening as I stood there at the Mill, looking out at the view of the channel and Forest Beach beyond.

Still gloriously decked out in full winter garb…

Incoming geese and all.

How GOOD it felt…

To be back home!

Cranberries on Ice – Day 12

I dropped in at Jenkins Bog, just to see how the berries looked this time of year.

And was treated to a colorful, textured “feast for the eyes”!

Along the banks of every ditch that I came to…

I found colorful berries, red, yellow and pink, nestled in for a long, winter’s nap.

But the neatest thing of all, in the places where moving water had slowly turned to ice in the bog…

I found cranberries scattered here and there, frozen into the ice!

I felt transported, as if were walking through some abstract art gallery…

Bedazzled by blurry, plump berries covered over with layers of icy “varnish” in their newly frozen world.

Talk about a nice surprise in the middle of winter!  😉

The Last of the Ruddies

Some incredible moments shared with the last Ruddy Turnstones I saw down at Forest Beach.

They were just being Ruddies; up on one of the jetties in between foraging runs up and down along the shoreline.

Enjoying the sun, enjoying each other.

And as our autumn foliage and lighting transitions with each passing day into a more wintry palette, how I am missing their calico COLORS already.

But most of all…

Their glorious company.

See you in the Spring!  ❤