Red-wingeds in the Salt Marsh

In June, it’s all about the Red-winged blackbirds in the salt marshes here on the Cape.

Their songs ring out in the marshes, and the striking black-red-yellow color contrast of the males against the green spring grass can literally take your breath away.

Happy Sunday!  😉

Spring Comes Creeping on Cape Cod

Just 2 more days ’til Spring.

And little by little here on the Cape, along the marshes and channels, you can see it creeping in…

ForestBeachLoop718-MedThe geese are out and about in pairs, looking for the perfect nesting spots.

ForestBeachLoop722-MedShe looks…

ForestBeachLoop727-BlogHe watches.

ForestBeachLoop721-MedThere’s no sign of the ospreys yet…

ForestBeachLoop728-BlogBut we have crocuses!

ForestBeachLoop716-MedAnd more redwings every day!

Bird241Spring on Cape Cod is not for the faint of heart.

It creeps in slowly. Looking for everything like autumn.

ForestBeachLoop726-BlogYet for those who love the Cape like I do, while the unfolding of its Spring may be slow…

Its rewards of subtle beauty…

Blog-ForestBeachLoop713AAnd tiny little surprises, here and there…

ForestBeachLoop725-MedAre very great indeed!  😉

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Spring Unfolding, Cape Cod Style – Redwing Blackbird

I spotted my first REDWING yesterday.

And like always I heard him, long before I saw him.

I was approaching one of my favorite spots in the marsh. The light was fading, yet there he was. Gleaming black with red shoulder patches and yellow wingbars against a dried out, wintry landscape. Spring really is coming after all!!

Bird406-BlogAnd then… He turned… and looked at me.

Bird407-BlogAnd I mean, right at me.

Bird407B-BlogI could have sworn I heard him muttering, under his breath of course…

“Uh—-OHhhhhh…. She’s back. It’s almost Spring, and she’s back. With that black box, with the funny green light. <sigh> Maybe if I strike a pose or two. Maybe then she’ll go away.”

And pose, he did!

Bird408-BlogLike some great bellows, his rhythmic wing displays repeated over and over again were dazzling, showing off those handsome red shoulder patches.

Bird409-BlogFinishing each and every time time with that glorious scratchy oak-a-lee I wait all winter long to hear again in the still, quiet marsh.

Bird410-BlogAnd then, he stopped. Perched motionless, he looked just like a statue.

“I wonder if that will do it for her. Heck, maybe she can’t even see me anymore.”

Bird411-BlogAnd indeed he was right, the light was nearly gone and it was time to turn for home.

Yet somehow… I think my little friend knew, deep down inside… that I’d be back again. And SOON!!  😉

Thanks for coming with me as we all await the unfolding stages of spring here on Cape Cod!