Beauty Still Lives – Day 87 (Pt. II)

This evening I went in search of Beauty.

And thankfully, found it.

In the soaking wet, drenched head of a gorgeous Red-breasted Merganser drake…

Just coming into his adult feathers…

And diving for squiggling, wriggling fish in the fading harbor light.

Yesindeed, Beauty still LIVES!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Red-breasted Merganser, Finding His Way- Day 57

I met my very first immature male Red-breasted Merganser today, with its feathers just starting to morph into the adult color palette.

When I asked someone about him, they used the words “messy” to describe the feather coloring.

I, personally, found him to be BEAUTIFUL, just as he is!

And anyway… isn’t all growth, life, art, relationships, messy at best??   😉

Friends and Admirers – Day 46

As many of you know, I am in love with our wintertime Red-breasted Merganzers.

The other day this male at Saquatucket Harbor, in particular, had me over the moon.

I especially loved watching him preen, so methodically, one feather at a time.

In between tiny sips of water…

Tipping his bill upward each and every time.

But I soon discovered, that I was not the only one enjoying the view…

For the Canadas seemed equally enamored!  😉

And who can blame them?

After all, WHO could resist that charming DOO?!