Charmed by a Canada – Day 42

Canada Geese are not on everyone’s Top Ten List.

But they are surely on mine.

And the Canada that I spent some time with yesterday at Saquatucket Harbor, as shared in yesterday’s post…

Charmed me as few ever have.

Perhaps it was the light on his feathers…

Or the way I just knew, despite my best efforts to hide behind my “duck blind” car —

That he saw me.

He knew every single minute that I was there.

What touched me the most…

Was the fact that he seemed so relaxed in my presence, didn’t seem to mind me there.

That won my heart…

Forever.  ❤



In the Company of Geese

A small group of Canada Geese accompanied me this morning on my walk out to the plover nesting area.

Best company I could have asked for.  😉

Peace among the Geese

I’m not sure what it is…

But when I see Canada geese paddling around in the high tide shallows at Forest Beach marsh at sunset, looking almost like silhouettes in the dim light.

I feel a peace I can’t even begin to explain.