Shellfishing Prohibited at Mill Landing

I caught this guy red-handed down at the Mill the other day.

Boy, he sure looked guilty as all get-out, clutching a big juicy fish with his left talon.

Yet he insisted…

As he flew away, with feathers ruffled, that he was only “fishing”…

Not “shellfishing”!

And you know, he was right!!   😉


Low Tide Crabbing

The other morning when I arrived at Cockle Cove…

I could tell there wasn’t going to be much swimming happening with the tide so low.

But that sure didn’t stop these gulls from their longstanding fight over crabs.

In fact the shallow water made it even easier to keep a hold of the wriggling crabs.

I guess gulls WILL be gulls.  😉

Evenings at the Mill

Evenings are my favorite time at Mill Landing.

It’s a time to talk over the day with friends.

But mostly… it’s the quiet time.

Time to breathe in the beauty that surrounds you.

Let the cares of the day slip away with the tide and just —


‘Night from the Mill!





Happy New Year 2017!

Whether you’re ringing in the New Year “Dressed to the Nines”, or preferring the cozy PJ’s option right at home…

Marmee and I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. May it be a safe and healthy one for us all.

marmee323-newyearseve2016-framed-blog❤ Sally and Marmee

PS Marmee says you can still wear a little bling, even in your PJ’s!  😉