All Things Come

Someone once asked me if I was ever able to capture our local Mamma Osprey feeding her young. Because of the angle/distance I have to shoot at from below the nest, for a very long time the chicks were impossible to see during feedings. And by the time they grew tall enough to be seen... Continue Reading →


Won’t You Miss Me??

I sure am going to miss these Piping Plovers, when they're all grown and flown. The tiniest birds, with the huge personalities. It's been an amazing experience, documenting them this season. May they all fly high and well, in their lives ahead. And come visit us again, real soon.  ❤

A Powerful Balance

The powerful balance of these amazing wild birds... Take my breath away. (Single chick Osprey family, Wychmere Harbor on June 30, 2018) ❤

Red-tailed Hawk with Feather Fan

I'm not sure if as a couture milliner it's my love of detail... Or perhaps simply my fascination with the way light and shadow can bring magic to a subject at any given moment in our natural world. But last evening while I was out for a walk, something in the distance caught my eye.... Continue Reading →

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