A Long Tail to Tell – Day 67

I so remember when I spotted my first Long-tailed this winter, they almost looked like a combination between a duck and a dog of some kind!

And on my recent trip to MacMillan Wharf in PTown, I was able to get a bit closer to these amazing sea birds.

Amazing coloring, wild feathers, they are one of my new favorites!

Someday, with a really long lens, I hope to do them better justice, but at least I got a bit closer than my first attempt a month or so ago at Bank Street Beach.

They are the most amazing things to watch, out there on the rolling waves, flipping up those tail feathers and leaving bird lovers like me wanting more…

Until next time!  😉

2 thoughts on “A Long Tail to Tell – Day 67

  1. Marion Mangels says:

    I have never seen these ducks before!! Beautiful pictures!!


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