Stage Harbor Sunset, Written on my Heart – Day 62 (Bonus)

How do I describe the magic of a sunset at Stage Harbor in Chatham?

The sounds of the boats coming in for the night…

And those that are just going out.

I don’t think I have the words to describe the kind of intense beauty that unfolds right in front of you…

And above you…

As you stand there, in the quiet.

Each time, is so different from the last; the colors, the sounds, the smells of the sea are ever changing, always moving.

I especially love the voices of the birds…

Talking to each other as the day comes to a close…

As they prepare for darkness and quiet to come; dreaming of the new day ahead.

And as I turn to go, each and every time it’s an effort to pull away, to return to my world that seems to far removed from this one of water, sand and sky.

And yet…

I take it all with me.

Until the next time.

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