Horned Grebes, The Sea’s Red-Eyed Beauties – Day 62

My visit to PTown about a week ago reaped amazing gifts from the sea.

Among them were several Horned Grebes I met as I walked the docks at MacMillan Wharf.

Some were busy diving for fish…

Others mingling, maybe comparing notes about whose last catch was bigger??

Still others seemed absorbed in a major preening fest, oblivious to the world around them as they bobbed along.

And THIS one even had more than just a few things to say to me as I passed by her by.

How she made me giggle!  😉

I was struck by how soft and fluffy their feathers looked, even from a distance; water beads covering their backs after each deep dive.

But it’s their eyes that got to me most.

Bright red jewel beads against a canvas of gray and white feathers, a stunning contrast against the blue, blue sea!


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