Such a Rare, Blue Morning – Day 50

It was a sunny winter morning, and I had been photographing eiders along the dock at Wychmere.

I happened to look across the water, and just beyond our roving harbor band of buffleheads I spotted a Great Blue Heron on the opposite shore.

A sucker for a heron (of any shape and size), I hopped in the car and headed to the other side of the harbor for a quick look-see.

When I arrived, there by the corner of the dock stood a Great Blue; backlit by a rising sun that was making his feathers absolutely glow.

And it was clear to me, right from the start, from the look in his eye, that he knew I was there.

Yet he didn’t seem to mind.

In fact, he seemed quite content; unusual for a bird that is usually so wary.

So I relaxed too, thrilled for the chance to photograph such a magnificent bird.

And as I shot frame after frame it felt like time was standing still, right there between the two of us.

I wanted to pinch myself, so grateful to be in the presence of such a quiet yet powerful beauty.

I was almost afraid to breathe as the camera clicked away, collecting every detail that time would allow.

At one point the Great flew a few yards to the muddy shoreline.

Still aware of me, yet still in no hurry to go anywhere.

And then it crossed my mind, I wonder if he’s as curious about me as I am about him?

As humans we assume that we are the observers; the wild ones, the observed.

Would it be such a stretch to think that perhaps we share more of a curiosity of one another than we may have imagined?

And wouldn’t that make us more akin, than different?

Just then the Great Blue turned, lifted up those enormous, sun-drenched wings, and sailed away without a sound…

Leaving me with much to ponder.

And a memory that would be with me forever.  ❤

2 thoughts on “Such a Rare, Blue Morning – Day 50

  1. Jean says:

    I loved this post. The photos are beautiful❤️
    You make me wonder also if he was thinking the same things that you were. I hope he will come back to see you again😊


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