New Bird – Spotted Sandpiper at Ridgevale Beach, Chatham

I have been meaning to share another one of my “new bird” discoveries!

The other evening, while busy photographing a Willet standing in the creek at Ridgevale beach…

Out of the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw a flash of white zoom under the bridge where I was standing.

I couldn’t see him at first, so I went back to my Willet, who seemed more than willing for his Kodak moment.

Just then I heard the sound of water, as if something was splashing in the shallows directly under me, and when I leaned over the rail to look out! flew this tiny bird fly that quickly landed on the muddy bank beyond.

Now if you’re anything like me, you just know when you are seeing something different; a bird you’ve never seen before.

This tiny thing was adorable, with yellow feet and orangey-yellow bill, lots of white on the chest and underbelly and a mix of brown feathers throughout; about the size of a Sanderling.

But the funniest thing about him was the way he teetered, bobbing his tiny tail up and down, up and down, up and down, like it would never stop.

And you could tell, he was hungry!

Yet like so many of the little shorebirds that I meet, he most politely allowed me a few moments for several more photos.

The pics came out a bit on the bright side, but fine, good enough to identify and share.

My favorite was the one of him at the water’s edge with his beautiful image reflected in the watery mirror before him.

A big thank you to What’s This Bird for their help with the identification of this Spotted Sandpiper  (probably a juvie with the yellow legs and no breast spots).

A most memorable “first” indeed!  😉

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