My Mystery Shore Bird – July Sighting, Forest Beach

I came upon a small flock of shore birds the other morning.

As the group scootled in and out among the waves, I thought at first they might be Sanderlings, out looking for breakfast.

But as I got closer, it seemed that these birds were “browner”, and more scallop-feathered than the gray-black-white palette of the Sanderlings.

And if it’s possible, they moved even more quickly than Sanderlings, which is no small feat.

Rarely, did I ever capture more than one of them in focus.   😉

This one might look like it’s dozing, but after spending some time with these birds I began to wonder if they ever sit still, let alone sleep!  😉

I am thinking it could be the Red-necked Stints, or even perhaps the Little Stints.

If anyone out there thinks they might know what kind of bird this is, please leave me a comment with your ideas.

But whoever they are…

I am totally smitten…  ❤

2 thoughts on “My Mystery Shore Bird – July Sighting, Forest Beach

  1. Lovely images. These shore birds are too fast and shy so a bit tough to approach. Have to wait for them to approach us in most cases 😀


    • Thank you, Hiren, and do you have a hunch what these are? With regard to approach, I skoot down in the sand, and do my pretend-to-be-a-rock routine. It’s amazing, once they know I am not a threat, they generally come… But keep moving so fast, regadless! I got a few preening, on a jettie too, will have to see how those came out. Might be some nice ones there. I really miss the baby Piping Plovers, they were so curious, and would come and stand there, and just look at me.


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