The Inspiration of Ospreys

Seeing a family of Osprey chicks learn, one by one, how to fly has been one of the most amazing life experiences.

What that must FEEL like.

To suddenly lift up, to become airborne…

I find the whole process incredibly moving, and very inspiring.

And I thank these majestic wild birds, for that.   ❤

3 thoughts on “The Inspiration of Ospreys

  1. Marion says:

    Amazing pictures!!
    When you speak of Mill Landing, do you mean the end of Mill Creak Rd.?


    • Yesindeedy, Marion, right there at the Mill Landing, at the end of the road. A SLEW of Ospreys out there this year, although I’ve been so busy with the Piping Plovers first, and now our South Harwich Ospreys right up the street. Nearly all of ours have fledged, so I’ll be getting more photos of things going on down at Mill Landing again — SOON! 😉


      • Marion says:

        Oh, great! I love your blog! For some reason, I can leave comments but it won’t accept my “like”. It asks for a password and then lsays it doesn’t know who I am.


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