Time Keeps on Terning, Terning

This summer has been really different for me – documenting a Piping Plover family, then an Osprey family with the camera.

Such new experiences, rewarding beyond words to describe.

In any case, I guess I hadn’t realized just how much time had passed since I’d checked in on the Least Terns down at Red River.

And when I arrived at the creek, the sky was filled with newly fledged tern young ‘uns and their prouder-than-proud parents, woo HOO!!

Scooting down on the tidal flats, I watched the chicks being fed by their parents.

Some of the chicks must have worked up quite an appetite with their new flight maneuvers, for they sure were hungry for those tiny fish to make it into their mouths – and as FAST as possible!!

The tireless parents, flying out over the water and back again, kept bringing them more, and more…

And more!

I smiled when I thought about how I almost hadn’t gone to the beach this morning, what with the gray skies overhead and the crowds that I knew would soon be gathering.

But the joy of watching the interactions between these proud terns and their kids sure filled my world with more than a little sunshine.

And made me feel so glad that I’d come!   😉

2 thoughts on “Time Keeps on Terning, Terning

  1. Lovely. Place have few nest only or colony? Witnessed little tern nest before few days at a salt pan near my city.


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