The Cry of an Osprey

Ospreys cry.

And they cry a lot.

Sometimes there’s an “intruder” osprey threatening a nest, a hawk or an owl lurking about.

During mating season, male and female partners can often be heard calling back and forth to one another.

But if you live near an active osprey nest, and you have ever wondered why you’ll sometimes hear the call of an osprey over, and over, and OVER again…

The reason is simple.

It’s all about FOOD.

Chances are, if you look to the nest you’ll find a hungry female calling…

And calling.

And calling.

Calling to her mate, glaring at him as he perches on a phone pole or in a tree very close by.

A mate, who has a fish.

And who has probably had that fish in his clutches, perched at his guarding post, for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

And she KNOWS he has that fish.

And that it’s for her.

Why the male osprey holds onto the fish, sometimes long after he’s had his fill of it, perhaps only the osprey experts know the answer.

But sooner or later, maybe when he can no longer stand her persistent cries, the male osprey  spreads his glorious wings…

Circles the nest as his hungry mate watches, and waits.

And just as her cries get more shrill and more frequent, he finally drops into the nest with the long-awaited prize.

A tug o’war usually ensues, partly because an osprey’s talons are a semi-circular hook shape which can make the male’s release of the fish a challenge.

But the female always wins, and the fish is hers at last!

You can see her delight with the juicy catch, such an unmistakable pleasure, and it is only then that her crying stops.

She will then feed herself, and her young if they have hatched, as the male flies off again to his post, having done his job once again.

Albeit at his own pace.  😉

I happen to love the call of an osprey.

Whatever the reason or reasons may be for it, it’s like a haunting music to me.

And it’s what I’ll miss most about them, come October…   ❤

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