The Dance – Snowy Egret at Taylor Pond

As we look forward to seeing the SUN again today, I wanted to share a recent encounter with a Snowy Egret I saw at Taylor Pond at dusk.

It was a fairly gray evening at the pond, and I spotted him as soon as I parked.

Opening the car door slowly I could see him wading forward along the water’s edge; stirring up prey on the bottom and leaving bubbles in his wake.

He seemed to glow against a gray backdrop that was almost completely still except for his own shimmering reflection.

And bubbles.

The light was iffy, but I was so mesmerized by this elegant bird that I decided to take a few shots anyway.

I was rewarded almost immediately, for just then he suddenly dove head first into the water…

And pulled up something small and wriggling.

One quick gulp and whatever it was, was gone!

I’m so glad I’d taken the risk with the camera and captured the moment.

This moment, this dance between bird and water and reflection.

I hope you enjoyed it too!  😉

One thought on “The Dance – Snowy Egret at Taylor Pond

  1. Marion says:

    Beautiful shots!!


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