Cruise-In at the Car Show – June 20, 2018

I hadn’t been to the antique car show at the local A&W for years.

And from the moment I walked in, it felt like a chapter straight out of my childhood.

Right down to the colors on the sign, the thick smell of fried food, and of course…


Sponsored by the Cape Cod Classics Car Club, the A&W Cruise-In meets every Wednesday night from 5-7 PM from mid-May right to Columbus Day.

Now you may be asking yourself, What would a bird-cat-horse nut like me find interesting in a car show?

For starters, it’s a lot of fun! You can see it on everyone’s faces as they pile in, full of smiles and good-natured jokes.

But in truth, photographing antique cars doesn’t feel all that different to me than shooting out in nature.

It’s still all about beautiful lines, interesting perspectives…

Great lighting…

And color, lots of color!

I also think there’s a kind of a thrill in getting the chance to see something beautifully restored, something from days gone by.

Something that’s every bit as relevant and valued today as it was in the past.

Ever since my days as a child, when I got to ride to the beach in my Aunt Carol’s worn out black convertible with the red leather interior, I have loved the look and the smell of old cars from the inside out.

The steering wheels…

All the knobs and the dials…

And don’t forget the tires and funky hubcaps…

All color-coordinated and…

Well, just so perdy!!  😉

I love the insignias, too, especially for the Mustangs…

And the Studebakers…

And what’s not to love about the hood ornaments, so elegant…

So impeccably classy.

One neat surprise awaiting me in Photoshop were all the reflections that I found in shiny fenders, hoods…

And mirrors.

Why, even ole’ Jake Rooney’s tavern across the street got into the picture!

It was also kinda’ relaxing for me, a nice departure.

After shooting birds in flight and scootling across sandy beaches, here I was photographing inanimate objects, standing still that were easy to capture.

Well… almost!

This little cutie had his very own Mercedes, now that’s one lucky pooch!

I’ll definitely be back for more this summer at the Cruise-In car show.

And this time, I’ll make sure I land a frosty mug of A&W root beer and some fries, yesssireeee!   😉

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