Up on the Housetop, House Finch Calls

There I was, photographing a pair of Red-winged hawks at one of our local churches.

But I was clearly distracted.

I kept hearing this sound behind me.

A pleasant, yet persistant chirping sound.

Finally I turned, and looked up.

And there he was, the tiny culprit!

It was a young house finch, cute as a button; looking straight at me and cocking his head to one side.

Don’t you think I am worth even just one photograph?? he said to me.

Look at me, look at me! I’m every bit as charming as those Red-Taileds you see!

And indeed.

He surely was.

And more than worthy of all 50 shots that I took of him, with all his charms.

And then, away he flew, calling to me over his shoulder, Let me know when my Audubon cover will be out on newsstands!


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