A Mighty Good Catch at Taylor Pond

A lone osprey circled above me at Taylor Pond…

Sometimes gliding…

Sometimes hovering, but always with his eyes intensely focused on the water below.

I missed the actual splash when he hit the water because of the dock between us.

But the fish he pulled up, myohmy what a catch!

Then it was home, home to the nest lickety-split with fish a-plenty for Mamma and the young ones!

Just another beautiful moment, out at Taylor Pond.   😉


2 thoughts on “A Mighty Good Catch at Taylor Pond

  1. Marion says:

    Great pictures!! Wish you could see into the nest and catch the young ones eating!!


    • Thank you, Marion. I wish I could see that far, too. The camera I have is very limited, unfortunately, and also most of our nests are so tall that I’d have to be in a very high spot to get a good view. After watching the osprey cams online, I can almost picture how it looks, though. Perhaps someday I’ll have one of those powerful cameras that can see much farther, how I would LOVE that! 😉


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