Red-Wings in the Fog

I love Red-wings.

And I love fog.

Yesterday morning, early, I had the gift of them both at once in the marsh along Red River.

The sounds of the Red-wings pierced the thick salty air as they called back and forth to one another.

Through the fog the birds seemed somehow larger than life; the colors more vivid and their songs, amplified.

I stood there, enraptured.

It was magical.

4 thoughts on “Red-Wings in the Fog

  1. Marion says:

    I love your pictures and your appreciation of our beautiful Cape Cod. I look forward to each new post from you. Somehow, I can comment on your site but it won’t let me click “like.”


    • Thank you so much, Marion. I have so many new things to share, it’s just a matter of finding the TIME to get them posted. I wish there were TWO of me sometimes, lol! And I just tried the Like button and it worked find, not sure why you’re having trouble. Sometimes trying a different browzer, can help. Let me know! 😉


  2. Red-wings make my life more magical!!!! xoxo to ALL who love them, Mary in Boone


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