A Mamma Kitty’s Secret

From the time they are very little, kittens learn by watching their Mums how to take a bath.

After all, they are born with everything they need: the perfect tongue for licking…

Soft velvety paws for face washing…

And teeth for anything that’s tough-to-get-out.

I never tire of watching Marmee as she goes through her ritual of washing.

I can almost picture her as a kitten.

This tiny ball of orange and white fluff.

Looking over at her Mum as she shows her, start to finish, how each important bathing step gets done.

And then, oh then!

Learning the most delicious reward for all her hard work.

The scrumptious NAP that follows!

That secret reward that only Mamma Kitty could possibly share with her sweet baby girl.   ❤


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