Black Ducks at Cockle Cove – The Rest of the Story

Some weeks ago I posted this image of three black ducks at Cockle Cove.

I titled it,  Brothers Three.

But what I didn’t share was the rest of the story.

I’d headed over to Cockle Cove marsh that day with the camera, right around sunset time.

And before I even got out of the car I could see them. A family of black ducks, paddling right toward me.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I never get tired of photographing ducks; paddling, preening, quacking or flying, they are magical to me. I can watch for hours.

And this family was as captivating as any I’d seen.

One of them was even leaving a beautiful trail of bubbles behind in the water as he swam!

At some point, I noticed that several of them were starting to congregate.

I always love it when I can get a photograph that has some kind of interesting symmetry to it.

But, you know how it is when you’re trying to take a family group shot, right?

Someone’s always out of place, not paying attention, messing around.

I was just taking the shot when I noticed that one of them had his eyes closed.

Drats!  It was the brother in the back.

Okay guys, come one now, and I took the next shot —

No, still not quite right, it was hard to see each of them individually, the one in the back almost completely hidden from view.

Okay, let’s try this again.

Nope!  That little guy in the back had closed his eyes again.

Okay everybody, let’s give this one more shot.

Ahhh, success! Each one looked his best, and all eyes were wide open!!

I guess it pays to be a little patient.  😉


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