“Missing” Magic

It had been a busy day at Mill Landing.

I was busy capturing the drama that was unfolding between an eider and a gull, a ways out in the middle of Mill Creek.

Suddenly I heard the sound of a bird landing just yards away from me, just beyond the railing.

I quickly turned to look – and it was a beautiful yellowlegs, getting ready to fish in the shallows. The lighting was PERFECT, the shot might be one of those magic moments.

I turned the camera slowly so I wouldn’t startle him.

But just as I was snapping the picture, the gull I’d been watching screamed something to the eider and I turned my head to look.

I’d snapped the picture, but sadly I’d missed the yellowlegs altogether!

It wasn’t until I got into Photoshop later on that day that I discovered that the camera had somehow, miraculously caught the moment of that yellowlegs’  departure!

Kinda’ cool, huh?

I “miss” plenty of times when I’m out shooting, but this one’s my new favorite “miss”, for sure.

And pretty darn magical.    😉

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