Hawk Eyes

I spotted her high up on the phone pole as I was making my way down the hill to Mill Landing.

A stunning red-tailed hawk.

With her back to me, she was catching the last rays of the sun.

And watching everything.

She looked to the left…

She looked to the right and then far below.

But mostly, she had her eyes on something across the creek, somewhere up in those tall pine trees across the way.

A hefty sea breeze would occasionally fluff her tail feathers, and she would pause to steady herself.

Preening a bit.

The late evening sunlight caught her soft under feathers, making them glow a warm, fluffy cream.

And those red tail feathers for which these birds are so well known, appeared to steady her like a rudder.

Why, I think even her talons glowed!

Yet it was her eyes that had cast me under her spell.

The eyes of these birds do not miss a thing.

Before too long you can’t take your own eyes off them.

Especially if they happen to cast them upon you!

Suddenly my Lady Hawk shifted position on her perch…

And continued to stare across that channel.

I could see her getting excited as the breeze continued to fluff her soft marbled breast feathers.

Then, just when I kinda’ thought she might be ready to move…

Away she flew!

Flying low over the channel water, she swooped up into the pine trees and disappeared out of sight.

At last, I exhaled.


I paused for just a moment at the Landing, and then, headed for home.

Feeling starstruck.
















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