Hummin’ Along with a Beautiful Lady in Green

Well there I was, humming along at the Forest Beach marsh vista that I fondly call, Mallow Marsh.

I had been trying, unsuccessfully, to catch the most elusive-ever catbird when something caught my eye just to my right.

I looked up –

And oh my GOODNESS! It couldn’t be!

But it was… Oh it WAS!

My first-ever hummingbird, a stunning female ruby-throated away up on the old dead telephone pole vine. The first time ever that one was close – and still – enough for me to photograph.

Her emerald green and black feathers glistened against the blue sky like jewels – with grayish white petticoat peeking out below!

Such a beauty she was…

And ever so kind to allow me to capture her as I worked to hold the camera steady.

Not that she didn’t have a few words for me, for she surely DID!

Something about how she sure hoped I worked for Audubon. That it was  ABOUT TIME someone featured a female hummer instead of always the males with their brilliant red necks! Harumph!!

My outspoken little lady friend was moving pretty fast thru’ all of her many poses, and I knew that a few shots were blurred. But I couldn’t have cared less for I was over the MOON for this little Lady in Green!!

And then, in a flutter of wings, she was gone! It wouldn’t be long now before she’d be heading to Central America for the winter.

I still can’t believe I had the luck of seeing her.

And as I turned for home I thought to myself, “Wait ’til Marmee sees this…”   😉











2 thoughts on “Hummin’ Along with a Beautiful Lady in Green

  1. Jean Smith says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I love hummingbirds but don’t see many females. She is beautiful. I know Marmee will love seeing her pictures.


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