Goodnight, Tiger Kitty

I cried for a little tiger kitty this morning. She got hit by a car, out on the busy road where we live.

‘Probably heard a bird across the street, early in the quiet morning, and decided to cross the street.

Like she’d done a hundred times before.

A kind Samaritan stopped, moved her from the middle of the road, laid her over to the side. The woman found a shopping bag in her car, and added a note addressed to whoever she might belong to.

The kitty actually might not have even had a home since we’ve heard that neighbors up the street had been feeding her and giving her a bed under their porch for a while now.

I was surprised how much it affected me. After all,  I’d never met this kitty.

Still, I want to acknowledge her life.

A life that deserved some tears as it passed from the world.

I’ve been kissing my sweet Marmee all day since, so glad she’s here, with us still.

Goodnight, Tiger Kitty, rest well.

You are loved. ❤







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