Chatham – A Breath of Fresh Air on Labor Day

It had been a beast-of-a-summer. Way too much of this, and much too much of that.

Honestly, Labor Day could not come soon enough.

And when it did, I felt like I needed some fresh air and a real change.

Chatham Light came to mind!

The first hint that summer was over in Chatham was the glorious “Vacancy” sign swinging at the Wayside Inn downtown, woo HOO!

There was still some activity in and around the shops and restaurants, but you could just tell. The summer craze was OVER.

Heading off the beaten path down to Mill Landing, the cove was full of boats,  both large…

And small.

And some that looked, well, kinda’ like I felt — pretty much outa’ gas!  😉

The holiday hadn’t stopped the local fishermen from their scratching…

Or this Cooper’s hawk from his quest for something to move.

Passing by the old Eldredge garage, long-deserted now and awaiting its 2.5 million dollar transformation, I couldn’t help but wonder how it must have bustled on Labor Days past!

And then, at last, I stood at the Lighthouse lookout. Marveling at how the seascape just keeps on changing, every time I see it.

Like some giant sculpture, transformed by the wind and the sea, it shape-shifts right before our very eyes.

And I wasn’t the only one captivated by the visual feast before me, not by a longshot.  😉

Summertime visitors who come here for the fishing and boating were out in their crafts for one last hurrah.

Soaking in the glorious sea breeze and sunshine, just like me.

And the gulls.

As I looked out beyond the beach walkers I couldn’t help but notice that there was something unusual, away out there in the grass-covered dunes.

So I zoomed in for a closer look.

And then a little closer.

Ahhh…so THIS must be the mysterious shack I’ve been reading about on Lighthouse Beach!

Art project or some sort of shrine, this is definitely something I’ll be checking out, and soon!

By now the parking lot was filling up way too full for my Labor Day reverie, so I shifted my lens toward the Light instead.

No matter how many times I see it, I never tire of seeing this grand old beacon there on the hill, standing so tall and proud!

The usual zigzag up Silver Leaf Avenue onto Water Street led me straight to one of my favorite old Chatham houses that dates back to the 1700’s.
And like always, I just stood there gazing up at it, imagining how cozy it would be to be nestled in that turret.

With a good book and a blanket.

One final detour down to Mill Pond by way of Eliphamets Lane reconnected me with some old familiar faces.

And a few new ones, too.

Back on Main Street at last, I started when a great, noble lion suddenly roared out his own sign of approval that summer was over at last, Arhhhh!

And as the setting sun turned to a reddish gold, casting its warm glow on the very tallest buildings and church steeples, we started thinking what to do about dinner.

Maybe pizza?

Thanks for coming along with me, I hope it was a breath of fresh air for you, too!
















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