Marmee’s Purrr-fect Solar Eclipse

Marmee has been very thoughtful over the past few days.

She’s been hearing all about the solar eclipse, and wants everyone to be SAFE about how they celebrate this celestial event.

So she’s given me a list of her top ten tips to pass along to you that are sure to make the experience both fun AND safe!

#1. To limber up a bit, do a few chair stretches.

#2. Next, stake out your favorite spot.

#3. Make sure you neck roll your way slowly, slowly to the floor.

#4. Roll over on your back, time for a few belly-up stretches.

#5. Now reach up and give that ear a nice scratch.

#6. Don’t forget to keep breathing, in and out, in and out.

#7. Time for just one more stretch, this time for the neck and shoulders.

#8. One more big ole’ yawn…

#9. Oh yes! and one last face washing (one must always look their best for any heavenly event!)

#10. And now… the most important step of all.

Breathe deeply…


Sounds like the purrrrfect way to enjoy the solar eclipse – and a NAP – to me!

PS And something tells me that Marmee’s solar eclipse maaay just last a wee bit longer than 2 and a half minutes.   😉









2 thoughts on “Marmee’s Purrr-fect Solar Eclipse

  1. Marion says:

    Love your orange cat!!


    • Marion, she is a charmer. Sweetness Plus, inside and out. A rescue, came from a not so happy place. Discovered her after losing Maggie Mae. I do believe, Maggie sent her to us. She was just the medicine we needed. ❤


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