Daisies, Down Under

I love daisies. I always have.

And just when it’s getting so hot here during the summer that I am beginning to wonder how I will EVER get through to Labor Day…

I head to Mill Landing and to my delight, the DAISIES have bloomed!

There’s just nothing like a  sea of daisies against the blue, blue water to ease my mid-summer doldrums.

Everyone knows them by their friendly little faces.

Smiling up to the sky, petals uplifted, they never seem at ALL daunted by sun or heat or drought.

But I wonder…

Have you ever looked at a daisy from down under?

Next time you come upon a host of them, by all means scoot down a bit, and try to look through their petals to see what THEY see.

Get as close as you can, now.

Focus on the daisies and let your eyes soften.

Notice how the light changes all around them.

I think you’ll agree that from their perspective, the world is magical.

You might even get hooked on daisies forever!

Just like me.









One thought on “Daisies, Down Under

  1. Jean says:

    Thank you for this posting this blog of the beautiful daisies. They are my favorite flowers. I love them ❤️


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