My Kind of Fireworks

Don’t you just love it…

When something you have seen your whole life, something ordinary… like a catbird.

A fascinating vocal repertoire to be sure, being relatives of the mockingbird and all.

Yet decked out in slate gray feathers with darker gray highlights, black crown and dark black button eyes.

All in all pretty plain… right?

Well it turns out, when you lift up that plain gray wrapper…

There’s so much more than you ever would have imagined!

WaHOO!!! Color fireworks indeed!!

Just look at those bright rusty red feathers.

And hidden all the time under that plain gray wrapper.

Ever since  I first learned their colorful secret, I have never, ever looked at another catbird and seen it quite the same.

Nor, I suspect, will you.

Happy Fourth, everybody!!  😉



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