A Bright Flicker at My Window

I had the most unexpected visitor this morning, right outside my window.

The prettiest yellow-shafted male flicker suddenly appeared on the roof!

Shooting through a window and a pollen-coated screen, the images took on an almost “dreamy” look.

Fortunately for me, this charming fellow didn’t seem to mind the attention one little bit.

As a matter of fact, he seemed to have my number right from the start.  Looking straight at me, he exclaimed, “Ahah! It’s YOU. The crazy lady with the camera!”

I love everything about flickers – their soft, expressive faces, that bold heart-shaped red bar at the back of the neck, black scalloped plumage and tail feathers (here in the Northeast) mixed with streaks of yellow.

And the males, with their handsome black “moustaches”.

Myohmy, he sure was a feast for the eyes.

And a sensitive, rather pensive fellow, I could tell…

Either that, or he was looking intently at all the bugs in our gutter!

All too soon, I could see that he was anxious to go.

I barely had the chance to tell him, “Good day!” and “Please do come again!” before this flicker at my window had flown.

But he’ll be back. We have great bugs.  😉


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