Mourning Doves, Up Close and Personal

We had a family of doves crash land on our deck one summer. Four squabs in all, and fun to watch ’til the day they flew, up and away. Leaving us with great memories — and more than just a few baby dove poops to clean up!  😉

Yet even after this personal experience with doves, until I started taking pictures… this was how I always saw them.

From a distance, the only thing I knew about these birds was how much I loved their soft, lamenting coos, at once plaintive and calming.

Yet once the camera brought me closer I could see how stunningly elegant they were.

A dove’s feathers are more colorful than I ever imagined – light gray and buffy colored overall, with black spotted wings and black-bordered white tips to their long tail feathers.

And they also have these two really cute pinky-red pebbly feet!

Feet that amazingly enough, as it turns out, were simply made for tap dancing!

Mourning doves also have puffy little “cheeks” that are noticeable when they look straight at you…

And that are even cuter from behind!

But perhaps the most endearing thing about mourning doves is their ability to charm you.

If you let them look at you.

No. I mean reeeeaally look at you.

And trust me, if you do, they will steal your heart away.

Forever and a day.  ❤













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