Finchie Hatton in the Marsh

I love seeing the goldfinches in the marsh or perching high in the treetops.

Called “wild canaries” by some, I can always tell them by their cheerful song and deep undulating flight pattern.

I, personally, have always called them “Finchie Hattons”, a kind of a play on words of the Redford character (Denys Finch Hatton) in the movie, Out of Africa.

The other evening, I came upon this female Finchie Hatton in the marsh. She appeared to be gathering some nesting materials from one of the seeded cat o’ nine tails.

And boy, was she moving FAST!

Almost too fast for me, a tiny blur of yellow!

But I tried to hold steady and get a few shots to share…

Before AWAY she went!

Aren’t you glad I did?  😉








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