Memorial Day, Part V – Ospreys from the South

A family of ospreys have moved into the neighborhood this year, not far from where I live.

I always hold my breath when I see ospreys building their nests near the telephone wires.

Yet they do, and I’ve been watching this pair for weeks now.

There also seem to be tiny sparrows that have either built their nests beneath the ospreys… or perhaps simply use the nest as a convenient supply house for nesting materials.  😉

Yesterday when I pulled in, the female was too low in the nest to spot.

But her mate was perched on a phone pole just yards away.

Looking to his Lady Fair back on the nest, ever watchful.

Ospreys are amazing. So focused, they see everything.

And they must be just about THE best partners in the bird world.

Sharing in every aspect of raising their babies, they face the world together.

Just as an aside… When I take photos, I don’t always see exactly what I am shooting. ‘Til I get into Photoshop.

I’ll never forget the first time I opened a photo of one of these new neighbors, and saw an osprey staring right back at me. I nearly fell off my chair! It sure made me understand what some tiny fish must feel like when one of these “fish hawks” sets their sights on them!  😉

Yesterday as I was heading back to the car I noticed that I could still see the male osprey through the thick boughs of a big pine tree.

On a whim, I decided to see if a photo would work, right from where I stood.

And was nicely surprised by the effect!

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!  ❤












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