Memorial Day, Part II – Mill Landing

Mill Landing was my second stop this Memorial Day, and the neighborhood was abuzz with activity!

With the help of some recent sunshine, all the spring flowers were standing up tall and looking their best.

Across the channel, I could see beachcombers out early, hunting for shells.

And beyond them it looked like someone was taking their motor boat out for a first spin.

Above me, Papa Osprey had done well in his hunt for his wife’s breakfast…

Won’t she be pleased….  😉

And this delightful song sparrow popped up behind me with a song in his heart and quite the story to tell!

Yesindeedy, everyone was busy-busy heralding in the new summer season.

All that is, except for one.

Perhaps he’d arrived with the tourists and had jet lag…

Getting started on his summer tan, catching a few rays?

Or maybe he’d eaten too many crab legs and simply couldn’t move!? (Seagulls have been known to do that, now and again.)

In any case I had to move, for the next stop was Forest Beach!  😉








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