Memorial Day, Part I – Cockle Cove Beach

Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer season here on the Cape. And yesterday, to mark the holiday, I grabbed my camera and headed to some of my favorite places.

First stop was Cockle Cove. The marsh looked pretty quiet, so I headed down to the shore…

Where I found THE most adorable willet, scurrying to and fro in the shallows in search of breakfast.

With such intensity of purpose, he waited for some movement beneath the water’s surface.

Or could he have been gazing at his lovely face in the water, just as I was??

I was thankful that this little fellow allowed me several moments to capture the beauty of his mottled brown feathers and keen eye.

Not far away, I spotted a lone snowy egret, his reflection shimmering in the still water.

Just then the sun peaked out from behind a cloud, creating a kind of misty, dreamlike quality to the water surrounding him.

What is it about these elegant birds that stills my heart, that calms me down? The moment I see one, they make me feel somehow that all is right in the world.

And knowing that the crowds were descending that very moment upon our tiny yet alluring Cape Cod sandspit, I welcomed this stolen moment of utter peace with a deep sigh.

Next stop, Mill Landing!  😉






One thought on “Memorial Day, Part I – Cockle Cove Beach

  1. Great captures thanks for sharing


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