A Message from the Brants

Just when I thought the world that I’d seen before me on my winter walk could not have gotten any greyer…

Or colder…

Or bleaker.

I returned to the car and saw a bright glow down along the shore.

So I went to look.

forestbeach65-blogAnd my, oh my!

The color and the light, the sky and the water were on fire with oranges and pinks and blues. What a welcome surprise to my hungry heart that had seen only gray skies, for days upon days!

And there, moving out upon the water I saw a pair of brants.

Murmuring softly to one another.

forestbeach66-blogI looked to the horizon, and marveled at how my world had changed just by coming down to the shore.

forestbeach67-blogAnd as I watched the pair out there upon the water, a peace fell over me when I finally heard what they were saying…

forestbeach68-blog“All is well, all is well…”

forestbeach69-blog“All is truly well.”

forestbeach70-blog‘Night everyone.  🙂











2 thoughts on “A Message from the Brants

  1. Nice pictures and of course nice post… thanks for sharing your moment../


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