Sharing the Marmee Love This New Year’s Eve

The New Year is just a heartbeat away now, and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than by spreading  a little Marmee Love around.

marmee417-blogThere’s a commercial that makes this sentiment sound trite but Marmee’s the reason I wake up early.

And the reason I get outa’ bed every morning.

Blog-Marmee172She’s the single most hopeful creature I have ever met.

marmee416-blogKeep your head up and your paws crossed, that’s her motto — and it works!!

marmee290-blog-sMarmee’s love for all living creatures is clear, you can see it in her sparkling eyes…

ForestBeachLoop734-BlogBlog-Marmee153She knows when a good laugh is the best medicine for stress…

Marmee384-BlogAnd when hiding under the covers is the smarter way to go.

marmee228Marmee gives THE best wet nose finger kisses…

marmee419-blogAnd loves playing “Shadows” with anyone who’ll join her.

marmee420-blogMarmee knows the difference between when it’s time to work…

marmee17And when it’s time to nap.


Yet even with all her resposibilities, Marmee’s always on the cutting edge of fashion.

A trendsetter, for sure.

1-1-marmee15-blog-sYou simply won’t find a truer girl than my Marmee, except for the one in your own lives and hearts.  😉

She’s the sunshine in my day, the twinkle in my night.Marmee62 And as we wait for the New Year to roll around the corner…


There’s no blog I’d rather post than this one, ‘cuz this one’s for you, Marms.

You are loved to the moon and the stars, and right on back again.

marmee418-blogMay you twinkle in this world for the coming New Year.

And for a very, very long time to come. ❤

forestbeachloop1011-blogHappy New Year everybody!  🙂













4 thoughts on “Sharing the Marmee Love This New Year’s Eve

  1. Sally Spencer says:

    Happy New Years Sally and Marmee!!! May 2017 be an awesome one for us all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marion says:

    Love the pictures of your Marmee!! Happy New Year to you and thanks for your wonderful blog!


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