Birds of Grace

Sometimes I cannot believe the birds who grace this tiny lens of mine.

redtailhawk17-blogDo they know how much I need their “wildness”?

hawk3-blogTheir stunning beauty?

redtailhawk11-blogDo they know how I long to fly with them, or sit high as a bird on a wire?

redtailhawk12-blogI respect their wildness more than words can say. I would never want to change them.

redtailhawk15b-blogAnd so, from time to time our paths cross, and we look upon one another.

redtailhawk13-blogWithout planning or purpose, we meet eye to eye.

redtailhawk14-blogI have no idea why they don’t just fly away. Why they allow me to stay with them for a while.

But whatever it is within these amazing creatures that allows me to catch a glimpse of their magic…

redtailhawk9b-blogFor that I am most grateful.






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