Christmas to Me

Christmas has become a very simple time for me.

The “what do I want for Christmas” isn’t about “the stuff” anymore. It’s about the moments.

Like seagulls chattin’ on a jettie.

redriverbeach36-blogThat splash of Christmasy red, here and there.

redriverbeach39-blogA quiet walk somewhere special, the kind that makes your heart sing.

forestbeachloop1010-blogA meal shared with friends…

forestbeachloop1009-blogAnd the new friends made in the process.

forestbeachloop1006-blogThe real lights of Christmas that never lose their glow…

forestbeachmarsh58-blogThe unexpected whimsy of the season…

forestbeachmarsh54-blogThe real “presence” of Christmas. The only ones that really matter.  ❤

marmee416-blogMerry Christmas, everybody.  ❤









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